Aaron Blaise/YouTube

This 'Lion King' Animator's Tribute To Cecil The Lion Will Make You Cry

So. Many. Tears.

"Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down upon us from those stars."

That was one of the many unforgettable lines from Disney's heart-breaking 1994 classic "The Lion King," and artist Aaron Blaise, who was part of the animating team responsible for the film, has found a way to officially cast Cecil the Lion among those heavenly beasts.

"Like many people around the world, I was extremely moved by the recent tragedy surrounding the hunting and killing of the beloved lion known as Cecil," the cinematic illustrator recently wrote on his blog (via Entertainment Weekly). A self-proclaimed animal lover, Blaise decided that he needed to do something to help the current fundraising efforts for WildCRU, the animal conservation research unit at the University of Oxford.

"As some of you may also know I was one of the animators on 'The Lion King' – When I heard the news about Cecil I got inspired to create a tribute image. It's not much but hopefully it will make people think," explained Blaise before he revealed his stunning and majestic Cecil the Lion portrait.

Blaise also shared this time-lapse video to show his creation in all its heart-breaking glory from start to finish.

There's only one way to close this out.

"Whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you, and so will I."

Sob, sob, sobbbbb. We were not prepared for this today.