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OMG Charles Just Removed The Mask On 'Pretty Little Liars'

"A," is that you?!

We're only one week away from coming #FaceToFace with Charles in the "Pretty Little Liars" finale, but lucky for Ali, she got to meet her older bro in tonight's penultimate episode of the season. And her reaction was very appropriate: "Oh my god."

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Who are you, Charles?!

While A's reveal to Ali was obviously the biggest shock of the night, as per usual, the penultimate episode of "PLL" had plenty of twists and turns to go around:

  1. Toby gets suspended from the force indefinitely.
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    LOL sorry Officer Toby, but when you, a) steal your girlfriend's pot cookies and, b) ruin an entire police operation because you're high af and, c) let "A" escape, there have to major repercussions. Honestly, Toby was never "Officer of the Month" material. Meanwhile, Spencer is blaming herself for everything -- and it is kinda her fault for trying to catch Charles at his own game -- but Toby seems totally chill with it.

  2. The girls get banned from prom and graduation.
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    Fearing that the Liars would lure Charles DiLaurentis to prom, Rosewood High bans the girls from prom. But don't worry! The moms have planned an awesome prom for the girls... in the Hastings' barn. (And if that wasn't terrible enough, the girls are also banned from walking at their graduation ceremony.) It's not ideal, but the girls get dolled up for it anyway. After all, it's better to have a less-than-ideal prom than to not have one at all. But naturally, Ali had different plans.

    She gets a text from Charles telling her to meet him at prom. Asking your sister to prom isn't weird at all. Nope. Never. And it's just like Ali to blindly run into a dangerous situation without telling her friends.

    When the Liars figure out where Ali is, they crash prom -- and all they get is one stern warning to leave and then it was NBD after that -- with Toby and Ezra in tow. The Liars try to keep an eye on Ali, and Spencer even confronts her and tells her not to meet with Charles, but Ali has her heart set on meeting her wicked brother. (Maybe he's just misunderstood, guys!!!)

  3. Aria wins the photo contest.
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    Surprise! Aria really has a knack for photography. Ella tells her she won the photo contest -- the one "A" ruined in last week's episode -- which means not only did she win a cash prize, but Aria also scored an internship in Los Angeles. Oh, and she starts the Monday after graduation, which is kinda soon in this timeline. But Aria wasn't the only Rosewood High student making future plans...

  4. Caleb lands a job in New York City.
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    Caleb was super sketchy at the beginning of this episode. He told Hanna he had to go visit his dad in New York City, but Hanna was immediately suspicious when she saw that he packed his industrial-strength laptop. Alas, our fears were all for naught. Caleb was in NYC for a job interview. Apparently, 18-year-old hackers are in high demand.

    He eventually shows up at prom (not that Hanna is happy to see him) and tells Hanna his master plan: he's going to move to NYC with Hanna and he's going to pay for her crazy expensive tuition with his new job money and they're going to live in a tiny apartment in the East Village and be blissfully happy together. Sometimes, I fear that Caleb is really setting unrealistic expectations for IRL boyfriends, but honestly, I don't care because he's just so goddamn perfect. I wish Hanna would trust him more.

  5. Spencer goes to bat for Ali.
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    Spencer and Ali have never had an easy friendship. They are constantly trying to out-do each other. However, ever since Ali returned to Rosewood, she's been different. She's more vulnerable, less manipulative -- and this hasn't gone unnoticed by Spencer. She tells Lorenzo to give Ali a second chance, but he doesn't seem into the idea of trusting her anytime soon. Still, Spencer pleads with Lorenzo to come to prom. "Maybe you could surprise her... maybe you could surprise yourself." Aww! Forget Sparia, it's all about Splalison. (FWIW: Lorenzo does show up at prom to surprise Ali, but he's too late.)

  6. Clark is an undercover cop.
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    LOL, sure! Whatever! He's kind of a useless character anyway. But at least that explains why he was at the abandoned doll factory. Now the real question is, what was Rhys doing there? Is he working with Clark? Or was Clark following a lead on Rhys?

    Also, did anyone else think it was funny that OF COURSE the Liars, Toby, et al prohibited Clark from following Ali and potentially saving her? Nice job, guys.

  7. The moms start an investigation of their own.
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    Drunk Veronica is my new favorite character on the show. While chaperoning the girls' barnyard prom, the moms get a little tipsy on cabernet. And drunk Veronica wanted nothing more that to confront Mr. Hastings about what really happened to his wife -- and drunk Veronica does whatever she damn well pleases. So, Veronica, Ella, Ashley and Pam walk into the DiLaurentis' house (BECAUSE THE DOOR WAS WIDE OPEN -- seems safe, right?) and open Mr. D's classified police evidence. But their little party is crashed by none other than Rhys Matthews. He tells them that had some questions for Mr. DiLaurentis about his involvement in the Carissimi Group. Hmmm. Could Mr. D be Rhys' enigmatic boss? Was he the one who gave Hanna the money?

    Even the moms agree that Rhys looks like a DiLaurentis -- and Ella seems pretty convinced they just met Charles. Still, drunk Veronica is on a mission! And a sound in the basement tips them off. Unfortunately, it was all one big "A" trap. Clearly, Charles wanted the moms away from the Liars, and what better plan than to lock them in the basement? But what does this mean about Mr. D? It's not a good sign that he's not there. Could he be Charles' latest victim?

  8. Ali meets Charles.
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    Ohmygod. It's happening. It's all happening. When "A" finally got Ali alone at prom, he took off the mask, and while we didn't get to see his face, Ali did -- and he reaction was pretty telling. It's clearly someone Ali knows, so we're going to cross Rhys off our suspects list. But how well did Ali know our #1 suspect Wren? We guess that's a question for next week.