Sam Robson/YouTube

This Singer Multiplied Himself By 50 To Sing You ‘The Circle Of Life’


You know those chills you get when you hear a particularly moving piece of music? They're called "frissons," and you might feel more than a few of them when you hear this cover of a Disney classic.

From the first moment of YouTuber Sam Robson's acapella version of "Circle of Life" from "The Lion King," you know you're in for something major. Using only his Broadway-worthy voice and percussion, Robson does the work usually done by an entire stage full of singers. This amazing multitrack recording uses 50 repetitions of the musician's voice at times.

"I'm really excited to bring you my latest project," Robson states under the video on YouTube. "As a kid I remember seeing 'The Lion King' and being blown away by it." Consider us blown away by you, Sam.

Watch the acapella magic below.