Rick Guidotti/Positive Exposure

These Gorgeous Portraits Of People With Genetic Conditions Will Change Your Perception Of Beauty

Absolutely lovely.

Photographer Rick Guidotti used to work with the likes of Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer in the fashion world, until a chance encounter at a bus stop changed the course of his life forever.

According to his website, during a break from a photo shoot, he saw a girl on the street with albinism, a genetic condition that takes away the pigment in skin, hair and eyes. He found this girl so stunning, he was immediately inspired to research her condition. What Guidotti found in medical textbooks on genetic conditions was jarring -- each photograph dehumanized its subject with a black bar over the eyes.

From that moment, Guidotti decided he would stop working in the fashion industry. He started a nonprofit called Positive Exposure that strives to change the perception of genetic conditions (such as albinism and Down syndrome) as something people should not be ashamed of.

Rick Guidotti/Positive Exposure

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Guidotti and Positive Exposure's journey is highlighted in a documentary called "On Beauty," now showing in LA and New York. Check out the trailer, below.

"I had never gotten the power of a photograph, as to the impact in someone's life," says Jayne, one of Guidotti's subjects. "We are just human beings. I think it's high time we break some of these taboos." And they do: Each subject of Guidotti's is shown smiling, happy and beautiful.

"Often when I'm photographing someone with a difference," Guidotti says in the trailer, "[people who see] the photographs say, 'You're really capturing their inner beauty' and I'm like, 'F--k inner beauty; these kids are gorgeous!'"

See more of Rick Guidotti's work on Positive Exposure's website.

Rick Guidotti/Positive Exposure
Rick Guidotti/Positive Exposure