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‘Lemonade Mouth’: The Definitive Ranking Of Every Awesome Song

We've determinated which one is the best!

Four years ago, five teenagers came together and changed the world with their music -- or at least they did in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Lemonade Mouth." The detention group-turned-singing sensation might not have been real in the strictest sense of the term, but they still managed to hit number 4 on the U.S. billboard charts with their awesome soundtrack back in 2011.

You might still know all the words to "Determinate" and "Turn Up The Music," but which one is objectively the better song? This is something we've thought about pretty extensively through multiple viewings of the now-classic DCOM, and here's our definitive ranking:

  1. "Don't Ya Wish U Were Us"

    Eh, I kinda don't, Mudslide Crush. I don't wish I were a lamer version of a '90s rap rock band with a lead singer who wears his own face on his t-shirt. But thanks for playing.

  2. "Here We Go"

    With an overemphasis on electronic background sounds and almost-rapping, this is probably Lemonade Mouth's weakest song -- which is too bad, because Hayley Kiyoko rocks the HECK out of her opening speech and kinda makes me want to start a revolution.

  3. "Determinate"

    I know that this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but if you ask me, "Determinate" is highly overrated. Sure, it starts out great with some slow vocals from Bridgit Mendler, and the main part of the chorus is pretty catchy. But they made such a big deal out of them not using the word "determinate" correctly in the previous song-writing scene that it grates on me every time I hear it. Sorry, gang.

  4. "And The Crowd Goes"

    OK, yes, I just made fun of Mudslide Crush's whole Limp Bizkit wannabe shtick a few minutes ago, but you know what? It actually works pretty well for this song, with its thumping base and catchy pop-punk chorus. Still not sure how they're able to perform it while rolling around on cars, though...

  5. "Breakthrough"

    Ignoring the fact that I have no IDEA how Lemonade Mouth is performing at Madison Square Garden already at this point in their careers, this is definitely the best big performance scene of the whole movie -- with an awesome tune to match, of course. Plus, all three of the girls get a chance to shine!

  6. Turn Up The Music

    Let's face it, "rhythmic background noise slowly becoming a song that brings everyone together" is one of the best movie musical tropes of all time, and it totally works in "Lemonade Mouth." I don't even mind that they all know every single word and chord despite never having even met each other before -- you can suspend your disbelief for a song this charming.

  7. Somebody

    On first listen this sounds like it should be a love song, so the fact that it's actually about friendship and believe in your own potential is really refreshing. Also, it's definitely Bridgit Mendler's best song on the whole soundtrack.

  8. "More Than A Band"

    This song makes me want to join a band just so I can sing it to them. It's so sweet and heartfelt and Blake Michael actually gets to sing for once!

  9. "Livin' on a Highwire"

    Unless you're a hardcore Lemonade Mouth, you might have missed this song completely -- it only appeared in the extended edition of the film and on the movie's soundtrack. Which is too bad, because it's one of their strongest songs, with a rockin' melody that sounds kind of like old school Kelly Clarkson.

  10. "She's So Gone"

    Hands down, this the best song in the whole movie. It's hard not to relate to Mo's empowering story of breaking free from her own insecurities, and the chorus is just so, so satisfying to hear. I have definitely listened to this on repeat.