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Meghan Trainor Taught This Super Fan Some Very Important Lessons

Bonus: Always carry a glitter-covered instrument in case of spontaneous singalong.

It's faint-inducing enough for many a fan to get the chance to see their favorite artist IRL -- but what if you were gifted the opportunity to jam out with your idol to one of her biggest hits on a very sparkly instrument? Well, then you'd be Meghan Trainor super fan Ryan Lill, who won our Ultimate Fan Experience contest with Applebee's and scored the chance to learn some very important lessons from the "All About That Bass" singer.

Lill and his plus-one Meredith trundled out to New York's Pier 97 on a day roughly that number of degrees (fancy way of saying it was hot) to see Trainor perform during her M Train tour -- and, let me tell you as someone who was there and sweating outside Meghan's trailer, he was kind of excited. The up-and-coming musician from South Carolina plans to release his debut album this fall, and he counts Trainor as one of his influences.

"I thought it was kind of cool that she recognized me," Lill told MTV News after he had recovered from all the excitement. "She had seen my stuff on Instagram -- she had seen my stuff on Twitter. She had liked my little cover songs before of hers -- and she’d liked my originals. So it was really cool to be able to see that. Not only does someone as big and awesome as Meghan Trainor know who you are, but they’ve actually taken the time to go and view your social media; they’ve heard you sing as well."

So, after taking tons of snaps with his favorite artist, Lill took the opportunity to get musically schooled by the "Lips Are Movin'" singer -- oh, and to actually SING "Lips Are Movin'" with the "Lips Are Movin'" singer. Check out the most important lessons he learned -- plus a ton of cute photos and videos from the meet and greet -- below:

Don't Be A Jerk

"You never know where you’re going to be, you never know where it’s gonna end up, you never know where your music is gonna go: so you treat people with respect. I think Meghan has not only done that to all of her fans and all of her crewmembers but watching her with her tour management and things like that, it was just -- she’s so friendly. She’s so bubbly, she’s so nice. She talks to everyone. She’s got no attitude. She doesn’t feel like she’s entitled to anything."

"The comment that she made to me was: 'It’s the same people that you meet on the way up that you meet on the way down.' So your career can blast off and you’re meeting all these people on the way up who are helping you rise to fame and if you treat them like crap, one day, when you’re coming back down, when your time in the spotlight is over, those are the same people you meet. And if you treated them poorly, why would they ever help you?"

You Can Be A Pop Star And A Musician

"I’ve learned that you can absolutely put out a pop album and still be able to perform that sh-t live. And that’s true. It really is. You listen to [Title] and you’re like, 'God this is so good -- there’s so much going on.' There’s a lot of musicality going on, there’s vocals, there’s harmony, there’s bass, there’s everything and then you think how in the world could anyone possibly be this good live -- and then you see it live and it’s 10 times better than it is on the album. It was brilliant."

Remember Your Fans

"Always spend time with your fans. I think that’s one thing that’s big for her is that you do have to give back. All these people are buying your music and coming to your show -- and you play live and they're Instagramming you and Tweeting you and Facebooking you and spreading your music all over the world. I do think she takes the time to see every person who comes out there and tries to connect with you while singing on stage. She sees people with handmade signs that they’re holding up and she responds to them right there on stage, calls people by their name. You’ve got to be able to play back and forth to everyone who’s helping you."

Be You

"I think that the lesson that I personally learned from her is that it does not matter where you are in life. It does not matter if you’re a single girl on Billboard Top 100. It doesn’t matter if you’re some small songwriter for some music firm -- you be the person that you are and you do what you want to do on your own time and you don’t let anyone else sway that. You don’t let anyone else bring you down. And that is my lesson from her. I don’t know how else to put it in words."