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What Are Guys Really Thinking When They Look At Your Tinder Pics?

First impressions are everything on the app.

Choosing a picture for Tinder takes the scrutiny game to a whole new level. How are you supposed to communicate that you're interesting, smart and love pizza all in one inclusive pic?

The shot to end all shots will let your true awesomeness shine through. Unfortunately, on an app where swipes happen based on split-second judgements, you get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it's the one you're aiming for.

  • If you're doing something artsy:

    You're passionate about something and will likely persuade him into trying out some of your interests. Who knows, maybe he'll find a new favorite hobby!

  • If you're in Europe:

    You're cultured and down for adventurous hangs. Your interesting anecdotes will likely be worth your constant commentary on how things are so much better in Europe.

  • If you're dancing:

    You're a free spirit who makes fun your first priority. If he goes to a party with you, chances are he'll lose you to the dance floor.

  • If you're in a pool:

    You're a barbecue queen and know at least three different recipes for good dips. You can make a great party playlist and get way too excited about spa water.

  • If you're eating some bomb food:

    The only time you come remotely close to talking about counting calories is when you're telling the waitress what number of wings you'd like to order. You're down to earth, know who you are, have a good sense of humor and an even better sense of when it's time for bacon.

  • If you're holding glitter or something equally as whimsical:

    You're creative and enthusiastic. Your bathroom is stocked with a sensible 18 different kinds of bubble bath, and you have, on more than one occasion, blown your entire paycheck on fancy stationary.

  • If you're doing yoga:

    You have a very deep spiritual side, and you're not materialistic at all (even if you do secretly love a good $12 cold-pressed juice). You possess an impressive flexibility that opens up the door for a number of deeply, uh, "spiritual" experiences.

  • If you're with your squad:

    Any guy who wants to date you will have to get the "go ahead" from the flock of girls you roll with first. You're social, outgoing and have recently started a promising career as a professional bridesmaid.

  • If you're with your pet:

    You already have a significant other, and it's the furry munchkin you're snuggling. You're kind, loving, and perfectly willing to bounce any guy Fido doesn't approve of.

  • If you're with an animal that is definitely not your pet:

    You are part of a bizarre secret society that has decided to infiltrate Tinder with a barrage of unexplained tiger pictures.