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You're Awesome And This Pep Talk Generator Will Let You Know It

Now go give yourself a high-five.

No matter how many times mom or dad tells you that you're great, the real challenge is believing it. Being confident all the time isn't always easy, and sometimes, we need a little help believing our own hype. That's where the Pep Talk Generator comes in.

Thanks to the good people at Babe Vibes, their newest project, The Pep Talk Generator, has got you covered. Designed by Kara Haupt and developed by Paige Lewis, these babes have given us the gift that keeps on giving — encouraging words for women, written by women.

Babe Vibes

The Pep Talk Generator produces a new nugget of inspiration with each click, so there's something for everyone reading it. Wise women like Soph Munch offer their best advice free of charge.

"Become the best version of yourself. Fight for it. Fight for you. Sometimes it takes a war; believe in it. Be gentle, but defiant. You can do this. You are doing this. You are becoming your best," Munch writes.

They address the beauty of our imperfections, the power of our vulnerability and the value of making mistakes, among other spot-on insights. If one doesn't resonate with you, move on to the next pep talk until you believe that you're amazing. After all, the Internet (and everyone else that matters) thinks so too.