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Drumroll, Please -- The Official No. 1 Party School Is...

Students are sharing their hilarious reactions on Yik Yak.

Princeton Review has named the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as the nation's No. 1 party school in their annual college rankings, released Monday, August 3. Syracuse University held the coveted -- or not-so-coveted, depends how you see it -- position in 2014, but fell to No. 5 in this year's list. University of Iowa and University of Wisconsin-Madison came in second and third, respectively.

Despite snagging the top spot, UIUC isn't just about red cups and beer pong. Hello Giggles points out that its alum include 23 Nobel Prize recipients. U.S. News also ranks it as the sixth best engineering school in the country.

So how are current students reacting to the big news? Yik Yak, in all its anonymous glory, provides some hilariously honest insight:

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