Colin Furze / YouTube

Here’s A Bed That Launches You Out Of It When It’s Time To Get Up


One inventor is taking a hardcore approach to keep from hitting the snooze button.

Taylors of Harrogate, a tea brand, asked YouTuber Colin Furze to invent a wake-up device to pair with their High Voltage coffee. The result, High Voltage Ejector Bed, is truly intense.

Furze's insane contraption, which only took two weeks to build, is a metal-framed bed with a compression system that literally THROWS you out of bed like Jazzy Jeff was thrown out of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" household. The bed comes adorned with horns, fire alarm bells and not one but two sirens. You can even set the air compressor underneath to low or high depending on how far you'd like to be launched when you're awakened.

"Anyone who could still stay asleep when this goes off is not human," Furze told Mashable. No arguments here.

Watch the making of Furze's High Voltage Ejector Bed below.