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Spider-Man And The Thing Have A Surprising Musical Connection

Gotta have the moves.

There are a few things you need to be an effective superhero: willingness to wear spandex, for one, a sense of justice and the greater good...super-strength doesn't hurt either. And, according to Jamie Bell, who plays The Thing in the upcoming "Fantastic Four," the ability to cut a rug.

Bell got his start in the movie "Billy Elliott," while newly named Spider-Man Tom Holland made a splash in the stage musical of the same name. According to Bell, that's no coincidence.

"I think it definitely helps," he told MTV News at a press day for "Fantastic Four." "I mean, Tom Holland is a great actor, a really good actor."

Being able to dance well is a must for superheroes, he said.

"Definitely, because you connect to your body differently," Bell said.

His fellow "Fantastic" co-stars are no slouches on the dance floor, either.

"Miles is a really, really good dancer," Bell said.

"I can move," co-star Kate Mara added.

"Fantastic Four" flies into theaters August 7.