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Giant Rogue Minions Are Shutting Down Traffic In Dublin

Next stop, world domination.

Minions are fascinating creatures, and we love them! With the caveat that they be cute, dumb, and most importantly, small.

This, on the other hand, is just terrifying.

A giant inflatable Minion was apparently unsatisfied with its lot life, escaped from a fairground in Dublin, and seized total dominance over the entire world lay lengthwise across a busy road, where it blocked traffic for hours.

According to the Guardian, police were eventually summoned to deflate the Minion, which measured about 40 feet in total.

Minion leadership has been silent so far on the actions of this huge, rogue member of the community. But considering that the Minions usually cause only minor chaos at best, let's be honest, they're probably pretty impressed.


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