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Sky Ferreira Rewrote A '90s Pop Gem In Internet-Speak On Twitter

Sky should always be doing this.

The '90s are like a boomerang coated in honey -- once they swoop back around into your life, they get stuck there. FOREVER.

Case(s) in point: the very existence of "Fuller House" and "Scream" and this scrunchie-speckled quiz and a new album from Jewel and pretty much everything "Clueless" related and... Yeah, there's a lot.

Sky Ferreira knows this. And as a '90s baby herself (1992 FTW), she grew up listening to pop radio, where she would've come across Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" in '97 or '98. Remember "Torn"?

On Twitter last night, Sky modernized the lyrics -- bringing in references to memes and unfound webpages to help us *digital natives* better understand the elusive concepts of love through tech references.

She mentioned Devin Perez, who plays bass in the band DIIV (which Sky's boyfriend, Zachary Cole Smith, also plays in) in the tweets, which made me think they were all sitting around in someone's basement making up words to this 2010s version of "Torn" and laughing about them.

I'd kill to hear a full-length web-speak "Torn" cover on her upcoming album Masochism, due out sometime in 2015 (probably). Until then, we'll just have to dream.