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Liam Payne Says He's Tired Of Being Treated Like An 'Animal'

Can someone get Liam an invisibility cloak?

Liam Payne can't escape the fame that comes with One Direction -- especially in New York. The 1D singer went on an early morning Twitter rant on Tuesday (Aug. 4) about how he can't find peace and quiet in the City that Never Sleeps. Perhaps an invisibility cloak would work?

"Why is it that in New York people think it's ok to swear and shout horrible things at you in the street..." Payne wrote on Twitter this morning before taking the stage at "Good Morning America." "Just because u don't feel like taking a picture because there's paparazzi chasing you and you want to get your family and friends home safe."

The paparazzi are known to do anything to get their way (you can find videos of the chaos all over the Internet -- it'll make your palms sweaty). It's one of the reasons Zayn Malik left the band in the first place, when he said he just wanted to be a "normal 22-year-old."

Liam continued: "One time id like to be able to see New York without being followed chased and cornered like an animal until other people get what they want."

And if the Payne Train had one wish...

"I wish I was Harry Potter," he wrote.