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‘PLL’s’ New Villain Is A Model IRL (And He’s Best Friends With Channing Tatum)

This new hottie in town is even hotter on Instagram.

As per usual, last week’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars” left viewers with more questions than answers. Chief among them: “Who on earth is Rhys Matthews?!”

As of now we don’t know much about the aggressively handsome exec, except that he works at the Carissimi group, signed Hanna’s scholarship check, has a somewhat unconvincing British accent, and is clearly hiding something. Oh, and then there’s the indisputable fact that he looks a helluva lot like Jason DiLaurentis, which only begs the question: is Rhys actually Charles?

Hopefully, we’ll get some solid answers to that soon (but probably not… this is “Pretty Little Liars,” after all). In the meantime, it’s safe to say that, even if Rhys turns out to be a terrorizing villain, the show is at least giving us some new eye candy to swoon over. The actor who plays him, Caleb Lane, is much more than a pretty face — he’s an actor, model, singer-songwriter, AND he’s BFFs with Channing Tatum. No big deal.

In an interview with Yahoo Style, Caleb said he and Channing have been friends for a decade, and met during their younger modeling days. In fact, Caleb said Channing even used his last name, Lane, as his own in the “Magic Mike” movies.

Anyway, until we know for sure whether we should be terrified of this dude, let’s just enjoy the fact that Caleb’s Instagram is FULL of insanely gorgeous pics for us to obsess over. Presenting the best of the best:

  1. Here he is pulling off that boy band middle part better than Justin Bieber (sorry, JB).
  2. Anyone who told you suspenders are “out” has clearly not seen Caleb rocking them.
  3. Here he is with that James Dean daydream look in his eye.
  4. If we ever have to be stranded in the desert, it better be with Caleb and his perfectly coiffed hair.
  5. He even looks dashing with long hair.
  6. Sometimes he casually goes to the gym with Channing.
  7. He and Channing actually have a bunch of mutual friends, which is the best.
  8. And here they are snowboarding back in 2005.
  9. Here’s Caleb channeling his inner Edward Cullen.
  10. Suited up… dressed to the nines… he’s practically Prince Charming, ladies.
  11. AND he can play guitar.
  12. His dog is also the absolute cutest (even when he’s covering half of Caleb’s beautiful face).
  13. Seriously, this adorable pup looks like the best hiking partner ever.
  14. And finally, here’s Caleb all bronzed and shirtless.
  15. One more? OK, here’s another for the road — just an all-around gorgeous photo.

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