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Here's How Taylor Swift Wished Her 'Ray Of Light' Karlie Kloss A Happy Bday

Tay and Klossy's friendship is super duper sweet.

We're starting to notice a theme surrounding Karlie Kloss' 23rd birthday today (August 3): FOOD. You might think that's a little surprising for a Victoria's Secret runway model, but with Kloss it actually makes perfect sense.

See, Taylor Swift wished her best pal a happy day -- with a guest cameo from Tay's own BF Calvin Harris, BTW -- on her Twitter feed today, writing, "Some of my best times are with her, laughing in the kitchen. Happy Birthday to the ray of light that is @karliekloss!"

Indeed, the girls first bonded a few years ago over an official cookie-baking invitation, and the friennaissance blossomed from there.

Not unexpectedly, the shot Swift shared features Kloss cozy as ever, stirring the pot of whatever deliciousness the girls (and Calvin, obvs) were dining on that night. We can't see it or smell it but our yum-o-meter is on full tilt right now.

Which is also true of her epic birthday cake-to-self video, wherein Kloss treated herself to some Funfetti, broke her strict no eggs and butter routine, and put some icing on the ... well, you know, with her 23-point thesis on what she's learned about this life (so far).

Those little anecdotes, in case you missed them, were as follows:

1. If you have free time, Facetime your family.

2. Hard work pays off.

3. Take time for yourself.

4. But if you take too much time for yourself, and you're late, make sure you have baked goods.

5. Not everyone's going to like you. And that's OK.

6. If someone calls you a giraffe, that's OK too.

7. Blondes seem to have more fun.

8. Coffee is a gift from the heavens.

9. Failing's OK, so long as you learn from your mistakes.

10. Wear colorful things. Life is too short to always wear black.

11. When given the chance, hold a baby.

12. Every now and then, step outside of your comfort zone. It makes you grow.

13. Choose happiness.

14. Choose sleep.

15. When in doubt, Blue Steel it out.

16. Always keep chocolate nearby.

17. An emoji says a thousand words.

18. The best accessory is a smile. Or a newspaper.

19. Always let the person with the longest arms take the selfie.

20. You're never too old to call mom for help.

21. Coding is the language of the future.

22. Make sure your alarm is set for a.m. not p.m.

23. I still have a lot to learn.

Pretty satisfying summary of her sage wisdom, don'tcha think?

Happy birthday Karlie! Keep on keeping it Klossy. And also, maybe save us a slice of that?