Pete Wentz Could Definitely Beat Everyone Up -- Plus Everything We Learned About New Politics' New Video

Gamers get ready.

If you like video games and music -- specifically pop punk -- you've probably been watching New Politics' new video for "West End Kids" on repeat since it dropped. I mean, not only does it feature the dudes channeling old-school video games like "Street Fighter," "Grand Theft Auto" and "Mortal Kombat," it features the likes of Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie and Travie McCoy going all retro gamer on us as well.

Well, lucky for you, fans: MTV News grabbed some time with the band's Louis Vecchio to find out all the secrets behind the Scranton-directed video, which sees the guys fighting to save their girlfriends from all manner of evil -- including the bands mentioned above in addition to MAX and LOLO. Spoiler: LOLO kinda kicked ass.

"West End Kids" comes off of the Danish band's upcoming record, VIKINGS, out August 14.

  1. Maybe Don't Count On Louis For The KO.

    "Of course my scene was the first one to shoot, so I’m like, everyone’s watching me do this and of course David [Boyd] and Søren [Hansen] are laughing at me because it’s taking a really long time to learn the choreography and get it to look like I’m not trying too hard. It’s really embarrassing, trying to do that in front of a bunch of people."

  2. Place Your Bets On LOLO.

    "First of all, LOLO would kick my butt -- I already told her this. LOLO would beat me up."

  3. Or Patrick Stump.

    "I think Patrick would probably beat David up."

  4. Or... Just Pete Wentz. Def Pete Wentz.

    "And I think Pete would just beat everybody up. He’d be so fast."

  5. If You're A Fan Of These Vintage Games You Might Be Down With This Video.

    "What we did was mesh 'Street Fighter' and 'Mortal Kombat' together. LOLO is Cammy from 'Street Fighter' and I’m Ken from 'Street Fighter,' but the movement and stuff from the game are intertwined with 'Mortal Kombat'’s. I think it was really similar for Søren and David. David is actually a huge 'Grand Theft Auto' fan, so he adapted into that really well. And Søren is basically Link in real life, he looks just like him. So it was perfect for him."

  6. Unlike In Real Video Games, Bruises Were Plentiful.

    "There were a couple of bumps throughout the day. Me and LOLO had a bunch of bruises on our arms [even though we were just] tapping each other. But LOLO sent me a picture of her forearms the next day and there were a couple of bruises and I was like, 'Oh man, I feel so bad.'"

  7. You Might Hear New Politics' Songs While You're Gaming.

    "‘Everywhere I Go’ is in 'The Sims 4.' 'Harlem' was in 'NHL 14' when that came out a little while ago. We always love when fans come up and they say, 'The first time I heard your song was in a video game.' Actually, our first song ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ was in 'Need for Speed.' And a lot of people heard about us through that game, which is really cool."

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