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You Can't Escape The Drake Vs. Meek Mill Feud...Not Even At Church

This Sunday sermon was apparently 'Charged Up.'

From 50 Cent to Ja Rule to A$AP Rocky, it seems like everyone's been talking about Drake and Meek Mill's feud lately. It's almost as if you can't escape the topic anywhere...and apparently that includes church.

On Sunday, a Twitter user who goes by @airplaysmoke let his followers know that his pastor had the Milly/Drizzy feud on his mind during the Sunday sermon.

Some of his followers didn't believe Airplay, so he decided to show and prove by uploading this video referencing a "beef between an Israelite, Drake, and a Hebrew, Meek Mill."

This wouldn't be the first time a religious figure has talked about Meek. Back in 2012 - you may recall - a Philadelphia pastor boycotted Mill after declaring "Amen" offensive. Coincidentally, that single off Dreams & Nightmares features Drake.

“People find all types of stuff offensive,” Meek said at the time. “I don’t think no preacher or no church approve of any type of rap music, because rap music, period, is a lot of bad stuff said. But at the end of the day, it’s real life."

“And me, I wasn’t trying to disrespect no religion or anything like that,” he added. “My whole family is Christian. I have a half Christian, half Muslim family. The situation, the song, that’s what energy it felt. And if anybody feel disrespected, I ain’t do it in that way and I ain’t drop the song with bad intentions. I did it just because it was a good feeling — that’s the feeling it gave me so I said, ’Amen, church.’”

Now, you can say Meek went from being boycotted by a pastor to having his name shouted out at church. It's interesting how life works out that way sometimes.