Palos Hills Class Of 2015: 'Awkward' Senior Year, By The Numbers

As the students gear up to graduate, we're breaking down their final high school days.

Before the "Awkward" gang officially moves the tassels from right to left on their caps (you know, officially signifying a close to those high school years) -- Jenna, Matty, Sadie, Tamara, Jake and Lissa will partake in the milestones associated with this unforgettable time in a teen's life. From prom to graduation day, Palos Hills' Class of 2015 is doing it all -- in their own way, of course. From one memorable arm cast (ahh, memories below) to a Carefrontation letter, we've come a LONG way...

Before the MTV series makes its highly anticipated return as part of Mondays on MTV -- August 31, mark it on the calendar! -- here's a by-the-numbers breakdown of those end-of-year senior year moments, featured in the first look and trailer:

  • Number of (painful) punches thrown, by one Matty McKibben: 1

    Perhaps the golden boy got word of Jake and Gabby's Spring Break hookup?

  • Number of WTF hairstyles: 2

    Ringlets galore for Jennara.

  • Number of J-Town's ex-boyfriends gathered together in one place: 5

    More specifically: MM, JR, Owen, Jake, Collin and Luke all hanging out.

  • Number of folks smooching: 6

    YEAH, SADIO! And who is that mysterious pair in that super dark lighting??

  • Number of graduation caps flying: 8(ish)

    But we do spy T looking awfully thrilled to throw her grad accessory up in the sky.

  • Number of PHHS peeps posing for their prom photographs: 9

    Everyone looks especially sharp in their finest threads, but a special mention for Lissa because she looks like a bona fide Cinderella princess.

  • Number of inspirational words spoken by the valedictorian speaker: 9 (also!)

    "It's up to you to write your own story," the reformed mean girl told her fellow alums. HEAR, HEAR.

  • Number of emotional/cutesy moments, courtesy of Jatty: 10

    Be still our hearts.

Peep both the first look and the trailer below, and be sure to catch brand-new episodes of "Awkward" beginning on Monday, August 31 at 9/8c!