Here's The One Thing You Never Knew About Bambi

Major Bambi!

File this one under "Things That'll Impress Your Friends At Disney Trivia Night": Bambi was a major, major badass.

As a new interview with NPR reveals, Donnie Dunagan, who voiced the iconic role of Bambi in the 1942 movie of the same title, grew up to be a Marine who served in the Vietnam War. He was highly decorated, earning 13 promotions in 21 years from the time he enlisted in the '50s.

However, he dreaded other Marines learning his secret and making fun of him. Inevitably, someone found out.

Dunagan says he was called into a superior's office and assigned a new duty, which he pushed back on. In response, his boss told him what he'd found.

"He looked at me, pulled his glasses down like some kind of college professor," Dunagan told NPR. "There's a big, red, top-secret folder that he got out of some safe somewhere that had my name on it. He pats this folder, looks me in the eye and says, 'You will audit the auditors. Won't you, Maj. Bambi?'"

The deer's out of the bag, folks.

Though Dunagan, now 80, has received several military awards, he said that it's always Bambi people are impressed by.

"I think I could have been appointed as the aide-de camp in the White House, it wouldn't make any difference — it's Bambi that's so dear to people," he said.