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Nicki Minaj 'Heartbroken' Over The Way Security Handled Her Fans At Atlanta Show

Nicki defends her enthusiastic fans.

Nicki Minaj spent the hours after her concert in Atlanta tweeting at the fans who had a brush with security on Sunday night. While her Barbs usually take pictures with her after her shows, security pushed them away, leaving them shaken and Nicki "heartbroken."

The rapper, who is traveling the world on her Pinkprint Tour, tweeted and retweeted those fans into the wee hours of the morning, telling them that she never meant for that to happen. She also shared video of her driving away while security is seen pushing them away from the moving vehicle. "I just wanted to take a pic with my kids," she wrote. "I don't like this. We do it all the time. I'm gonna miss u guys."

Apparently, the fans got a little bashed up during the event, but they were still thankful to see Nicki.