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13 Times Emma Watson Said What We Were All Thinking

Emma's journey in her own words, from Hogwarts to the United Nations.

You can thank an endless list of people who made "Harry Potter" so special, and chief among them is Emma Watson, the woman behind the brilliant young wizard Hermione Granger.

Emma grew up before our very eyes over the course of all eight "Harry Potter" movies — and in between magical studying sessions, too. Since graduating from Hogwarts, the erstwhile Hermione has gone on to achieve further greatness, speaking before the United Nations on the matter of gender equality, accepting the Trailblazer award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, appearing in a wide range of movies, and absolutely crushing it day in and day out on Twitter.

Whether it's as Hermione, another character, or even (and often especially) as herself, Emma has something golden to say for every occasion. Here are 13 of her most magical quotes, in and out of character:

  1. "Just because YOU have the emotional range of a teaspoon…"

    Emma as Hermione in one of her many classic Ron Weasley takedowns.

  2. "Becoming yourself is really hard and confusing…"

    "…and it's a process," she said at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, accepting the Trailblazer award. "I was completely the eager beaver in school, I was the girl in the front of the class who was the first person to put her hand up, and it’s often not cool to be the person that puts themself out there." She continued…

  3. "I found that ultimately, if you truly pour your heart into what you believe in…"

    "…even if it makes you vulnerable, amazing things can and will happen."

  4. "That sounds like the most fun I can imagine having."

    Taken from Emma's interview with J.K. Rowling, after the "Harry Potter" author offered to cast Emma (and some other folks named Dan and Rupert) in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," wearing heavy make-up and appearing as background players, and then ultimately heading to a bar with Rowling for the rest of the afternoon. Uh, YES. PLEASE. THAT SOUNDS FANTASTIC.

  5. "I hope you're pleased with yourselves…"

    "…we could all have been killed, or worse, EXPELLED!" Emma as Hermione, keeping her priorities straight as usual.

  6. "BACK THE F--K UP!"

    Emma as herself in "This is the End," threatening Seth Rogen and his wild pack of celebrity dude bros with an axe in one of the single most righteous robberies in cinema history. (Maaaaybe an exaggeration, but still, righteous.)

  7. "Welcome to the island of misfit toys."

    Emma as Sam in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

  8. "If we stop defining each other by what we are not…"

    "…and start defining ourselves by who we are, we can all be freer," she said during her speech on gender equality to the United Nations. She continued…

  9. "You might be thinking…"

    "'Who is this Harry Potter girl, and what is she doing speaking at the UN?' It’s a really good question. I’ve been asking myself the same thing. All I know is that I care about this problem, and I want to make it better. And, having seen what I’ve seen, and given the chance, I feel it is my responsibility to say something."

    And speaking of saying something…

  10. Everything she's ever said on Twitter.

    It's gold. Go follow now.

  11. "The Olive Garden."

    From American Talk. Still a classic.

  12. "Don't feel stupid…"

    "…if you don't like what everyone else pretends to love."

  13. "Actually..."

    "...I'm highly logical which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook."

    Preach it, Emma (and Hermione).