Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Liam Payne Finally Loses Chill, Wears Hot Dog Costume Onstage

Liam is officially my spirit animal.

You'll see a lot of cute costumes and signs at One Direction's On The Road Again Tour, but usually, the fans are the only ones blanketed in outrageous garb. But Liam Payne is the exception. The boy bander took the stage in Pittsburgh in a hot dog costume on Sunday night.

That's right, Big Payno danced onstage as a condiment-smothered frank, as evidenced by some cleverly snapped fan photos.

Niall helped his bandmate get in the disguise during "Story Of My Life," and although it's always a struggle to keep singing while putting on a hot dog costume, Liam pulled it off perfectly.

Not only did he dress us as a big weiner, he also donned a caterpillar outfit. Liam may have officially lost his chill last night.

Just a day before, Liam and Louis Tomlinson were hanging out at Lollapollooza, where goofy costumes are also rampant. Maybe he got it there?

I'm happy that the guys, who just released their new single, "Drag Me Down," are out there having the times of their lives -- no matter how goofy.