'Teen Wolf' Dead Body Alert: Whose Cadaver Was That?

There's a creepy corpse in Scott's house, and Mama McCall found it.

Is it just us, or is each episode of "Teen Wolf" getting scurrier and more disturbing by the second?

Tonight's ep left us questioning reality in a major way -- what's real and what's not? Clearly Tracy didn't really pull out Lydia's tongue (ewww), and we don't think Kira went all dark fox on Scott... or did she?

But we do know this: Melissa McCall doesn't hallucinate. She's not supernatural, she hasn't read the "Dread Doctors" tome, and MOMS IN "TEEN WOLF" WORLD JUST DON'T HALLUCINATE, OKAY?!? (We have to tell ourselves that in order to feel safe.) So what's the deal with that creepy body Scott's mom found, lying sprawled across the kitchen island like an oversized turkey at Thanksgiving? Umm... yum? Just kidding.

Is it Hayden? Someone we don't know? Is Parrish going to steal this lifeless person, too? And is that Kira's kitsune sword?! Hey, at least Stiles is okay...

Comment with your theories below, and get some much-needed intel into THAT DEAD BODY next Monday at 10/9c!