'Celebs And Sammies' -- Finally, An Instagram Account We Can ALL Enjoy

They, too, love sandwiches.

By Kate Drozynski

Sandwiches are the great equalizer. Everyone from Elvis to Iggy Azalea have been known to indulge in the delectable combination of meats, cheeses and veggies between two slices of bread. The combinations are limitless, and so are the opportunities for celebrities to be photographed, jaws unhinged, jamming a hoagie or grinder or Dagwood or club into their faces.

But wherever can we go to see famous people stuffing themselves with food placed between other food? Thankfully, the Internet has a solution. Introducing @celebsandsammies, an Instagram that takes the work out of finding pictures of your favorite celeb eating their favorite sandwich.

Like this one of Kim Kardashian enjoy what might be a turkey sandwich:

Or this! Here’s Bill Nye, (almost) everyone’s favorite science guy, really going for it:

This Lena Dunham photo poses the question: Are hot dogs sandwiches?

Gordon Ramsay shows us that sandwiches aren’t just food; they’re a state of mind:

Jake Gyllenhaal is SO HAPPY about sandwiches:

And the list of sandwich lovers continues. There are those that believe pictures of food on Instagram are pretentious and overdone, but @celebsandsammies has renewed our love for lunch one ham and cheese at a time.