The Winner Of Facebook's Nintendo Hackathon Is An Insane Pirate Ship Level: See It Now

It's a-me, Mario!

Recently, more than 100 Facebook employees in Menlo Park, California competed in a two-day Nintendo Hackathon. The challenge? Design a level for the Wii U's new game "Super Mario Maker." The winning level would be featured in the game for millions of people to play. Pretty sweet deal, TBH.

"Super Mario Maker," which will debut September 11, 2015, allows anyone and everyone to develop their own levels for Mario to maneuver through, basically making the game never-ending. Unlike with previous "Mario" games, players won't ever run out of levels to conquer — since new ones will most likely be uploaded daily from around the globe.

"We're jumping for joy because we're so freakin' excited." — Mario and friends.

According to Engadget, who actually went to the Hackathon, the hard and fast rule is that contestants had to be able to actually beat their level before submitting it to the judges. You'd think this would be a no-brainer, but many of the entries were seriously ruthless and take-no-prisoners kind of levels, according to contestants at the Hackathon.

Nintendo is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, which only helps make "Super Mario Maker" all the more special. Character appearances and level layouts in the game channel an earlier era of Mario. Older players who grew up with the likes of "Super Mario Bros. 3" for the NES and "Super Mario World" for the SNES will be instantly overwhelmed with nostalgia.

Super Mario World, 1990

Younger players who have mostly grown up with "New Super Mario Bros." for the DS or "New Super Mario Bros. U" for the Wii U will get to explore a Mario world they've never seen before. Either way, it's a win-win, no matter how old you are. Mario is universal.

New Super Mario Bros. U, 2012

Check out the winning Facebook Hackathon entry below. It was created by the duo team of Doug Strait and Roy McElmurry, who called their creation "Ship Love." Prepare for all the feels.