'Game Of Thones' Just Added An HBO Veteran To Season Six's Cast

But we need to know more. We ALWAYS need to know more.

Are we all still grieving over the messy fate that befell Jon Snow, the "Game of Thrones" golden boy who's definitely/probably/OK maybe not dead? Because although HBO top dogs have said he's a goner, they've now also dropped some promising, non-Snow news about the show at large.

For season six, a new actor will join the cast. And it's someone who knows his way around HBO pretty well by now. That's because it's none other than "Deadwood" star Ian McShane.


As usual, the "Thrones" production team is guarding the details extremely tightly, so right now, we don't know who McShane will be playing. All we know is that it's a "key" character who won't have a whole lot of screen time -- which could mean so, so many things.

Will he portray Rhaegar Targaryen, popping up in one flashback to show the true origins of our beloved Jon Snow? Or does his cold black hair make him more suited for an existence in the north, as a cornerstone in the Night's Watch battle strategy against the approaching onslaught of frozen zombies?

Your guesses are as good as (and actually probably WAY more accurate) than mine.

A spot on "Thrones" will be McShane's first return to HBO since "Deadwood" -- the gritty western that ran for three seasons and won him a Golden Glode and earned him an Emmy nod -- went off the air in 2006. Welcome back to premium television, Ian. We missed you.

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty