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Apparently Some People Don't Like Bill Nye -- And Their Tweets Are Vicious

Looks like the PBS host didn't quite bring joy to everyone's childhood.

Poor Bill Nye. The kids' science ambassador best known for his ‘90s PBS series "Bill Nye, the Science Guy” recently took a look on Twitter to see what the kids were saying about him, and the results weren't pretty.

In the style of the Jimmy Kimmel bit where celebrities read mean tweets about themelves, Nye read some of the harshest tweets he could find out loud in a new video he posted to Facebook Friday (July 31).

Some of his detractors had beef with his global warming activism. Others just found him straight-up annoying. And one Twitter user mysteriously called him a misogynist using a rather misogynistic four-letter word.

The clip aims to promote the ongoing Kickstarter for a new documentary feature on Nye's life and work. The fundraiser, which ends in 12 days, is already more than halfway toward its $650,000 goal.

Watch Nye indulge his haters below.