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Demi Lovato Is Grateful For The Out-Pawing Of Support Over The Loss Of Her Fur Baby

RIP Buddy. You were paw-some.

Our hearts go way out to Demi Lovato and her BF Wilmer Valderamma right now as they say goodbye their sweet little four-legged Buddy, the precious pup she got for Christmas who was tragically killed earlier this week.

Demi announced the terrible news on her Twitter feed Tuesday (July 28), telling fans that she and Wilmer were "absolutely heartbroken" over the loss of their adorable pooch, who was reportedly attacked by wandering coyotes in the backyard of her Los Angeles home.

In response, thousands of fans have reached out to her on social media to express their sympathy and well-wishes for the pop singer who had made her love of the too-cute canine well-known.

According to Demi, that swell of support has truly helped her deal with her grief for her little guy. She posted a tribute pic to the pup on Instagram and thanked fans for their kind words.

"We can't thank you all enough. This has been the most painful week of my life but because Wilmer and I had so much love and support, I've been able to stay strong and will continue to get through this difficult time," she wrote. "The out pour of love and support has been unbelievable and it means the world to us. Love you all tons and ton..."

She also shared a sweet memory of her pooch pal to remind everyone that Buddy may have been teeny tiny, but he still had the hugest heart. (And now our guts are just wrenched all over again.)

"This tweet was about a homeless man who broke down while talking about trying to stay sober and how he met a dog who loved him without judgement or any prejudices toward him," she wrote. "He said he had wished humans could love unconditionally because the dog loved him when no one else did. While he was crying I asked him if he wanted to play with Buddy and he said yes.. That's when Buddy jumped into his lap and made him smile when nothing else could. My little angel touched so many lives without even knowing it... Especially mine. I'll never forget that day or how many smiles he brought to so many faces.."

Rest in peace, little Buddy. You were a really good boy.