Player Piano/YouTube

This Awesomely Unique Version Of The Super Mario Brothers Theme Song Will Give You Major Nostalgia

Mario would approve.

As soon as you hear the first six notes on this unusual piano, visions of toadstools, green pipes and a certain iconic plumber may come to mind.

YouTube channel Player Piano had musician Sonya Belousova play music from the very first Super Mario Brothers video game. The clip, which was created to honor the game's 30th anniversary, also paid homage to Satoru Iwata, the creator of Nintendo who passed away earlier this month.

Belousova's masterful piano playing is perfectly accompanied by the set, which changes appropriately as her medley moves along the levels of the game. The extremely detailed piano was made to look like an old school Nintendo console and includes a bench that looks like a controller and even has A/V cords on the side.

Player Piano is giving the Nintendo Piano away (!!!) once they reach a million subscribers. All anyone has to do to enter is subscribe to their YouTube channel, like their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

Go to Player Piano's YouTube channel to hear more of their musical tributes.