11 Killer Jennifer Lawrence Cosplays You Can Try At Home

The best Jennifer Lawrence cosplayers in all the land.

Over the past few years, Jennifer Lawrence has portrayed some spectacularly outfitted characters... and of course, many of these costumes have been painstakingly recreated by the most talented cosplayers around, many of whom create their looks using nothing more than a sewing machine and some painstakingly applied body paint.

Need proof? Check out the best JLaw cosplayers on the Interwebs, and make sure to send them props if you copy their look!

  1. Mystique

    Insta-cosplayer martinfu92 nailed every intricate detail.

  2. Mystique, again

    ... Though of course, Audrina Patridge killed it as well, at San Diego Comic-Con.

  3. Mystique, times three

    makeupbyiowamade even has the pose down!

  4. Warrior Katniss

    ratdear is ready to slay... literally.

  5. Normal clothes Mystique

    Way to go, yuna_sakuta!

  6. Wedding bells Katniss

    ... Dang, eveychu.

  7. District 12 huntress Katniss

    fedechica88 is ready for you, Squirrels... and Gale.

  8. Quarter Quell Katniss

    Cosplayer padme_andrea is ready to make her triumphant return...

  9. Reaping Katniss

    Way to remind us of Katniss' darkest day moonflowerlights.

  10. Half Mystique, half Emma Frost

    Only 50 percent of this is JLaw, but it's 100 percent awesome. WTG, jammywin.

  11. JLaw herself

    Damn. haylzzsmith is GOOD.