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17 Heartbreaking 'Degrassi' Moments Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Whatever it takes... to get through this list without crying.

With 14 seasons and more than 380 episodes under its belt, "Degrassi: The Next Generation" has tackled it all. From school shootings and teenage pregnancies to bad breakups and eating disorders, no topic was off limits for this groundbreaking Canadian teen show.

As we prepare to say goodbye to our beloved "Degrassi" -- the series finale airs tonight (July 31) on TeenNick -- we're taking a look back at all of the moments the show truly went there. Here are 17 heartbreaking "Degrassi" moments that are guaranteed to make you cry ahead of tonight's finale:

  1. Spinner gets testicular cancer

    Spinner was diagnosed with "ball cancer" -- as he so affectionately called it -- in season 7, and it was a tough blow not only for Spin, who had to deal with the fact he'd only have one testicle for the rest of his life, but us, as fans of the show. We watched Spinner grow from an immature, spiky-haired bro in season 1 to a slightly more mature man-bro, and his cancer battle felt extremely personal.

  2. Liberty gives her and JT's baby up for adoption

    It was a painful decision for Liberty to make, especially because she had her heart set on keeping her baby, but once she realized that she (and JT) were in no way ready to care for a baby, she made up her mind. Liberty's final minutes with her newborn are absolutely heartbreaking.

  3. Manny confronts Emma about her eating disorder

    Emma's eating disorder spanned a series of episodes, but the story line reached its emotional peak when Emma suffered a starvation-induced panic attack, which rendered her unconscious. When Manny visited Emma in the hospital, she begged her BFF not to die. Annnnd we're crying.

  4. Emma and Sean break up... for the third time

    Emma and Sean are the classic OTP of "Degrassi." (He nearly took a bullet for her.) But the on-again, off-again couple made their final split when Sean left to join the Army -- and we sobbed in front of our TV screens.

  5. Eli crashes Morty

    Eli was the first character of the next next generation that really resonated with audiences. He made his epic debut in season 10 when he ran over Clare's glasses with his beloved hearse Morty and dropped this instantly iconic line, "I think they're dead." Swoon. So you can just imagine how heartbroken we were to discover Eli was suffering from Bipolar disorder and OCD. Later that season, Eli had a meltdown when Clare broke up with him and crashed Morty. RIP MORTY.

  6. KC and Jenna give up baby Tyson up for adoption

    This one hurts because KC and Jenna tried so hard to raise Tyson, but an incident with Child Services forced Jenna to make the tough decision to give Ty up for adoption. They just weren't ready to be parents.

  7. Craig's dad dies and he breaks down

    OK, so we were not huge fans of Craig's abusive dad, but we still felt for Craig when he learned about his dad's death. Craig had the tendency to be a selfish jerk sometimes, but the kid had a rough life.

  8. Paige discovers Ellie is a cutter

    Paige and Ellie's friendship was one of our favorites on the show. (And when Marco joined the squad, it was even better.) These two unlikely friends -- the popular girl and the school freak -- used to hate each other, but after Paige discovered Ellie was cutting herself in the girls' bathroom, she wasn't letting Ellie out of her sight. She eventually got Ellie the help she needed and a friendship was born.

  9. Marco comes out to Spinner

    Marco came out to Spinner in season 3 after Spinner confronted Marco about his weird behavior. And while Spinner didn't take the news well (he eventually came around after Drake Jimmy knocked some sense into him), it was a groundbreaking moment for the show -- and for the teens watching. Marco's coming out journey was emotional to say the least. Later in the episode, he got jumped by a group of homophobic jerks, which only made us cry harder.

  10. Clare is diagnosed with cancer

    As one of the longest-running characters in the franchise, we've literally watched Darcy's little sister Clare grow up before our eyes. So when she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer, we were devastated for her.

  11. Rick attacks Terri and puts her in a coma

    Can we all agree Rick was kinda the worst? Misunderstood or not, you DO NOT push girls to the ground.

  12. Cam's suicide

    OK, you may be asking yourself, "Who the eff is Cam?!," and that's totally fair. Introduced in season 12, we thought Campbell Saunders was going to be a "Degrassi" regular. He was handsome and athletic -- a high school jock with a heart! But underneath his shy and sweet demeanor, Cam was hiding a dark secret: he was depressed. Cam took his own life in the Degrassi High greenhouse. And when Eli and Clare discovered the body, we didn't need to see the body to know that it was a horrifying scene. This was the first time "Degrassi" had addressed teen suicide -- and we were not prepared for the flood of emotions we felt. This wasn't the school outcast; this was a well-liked, popular kid. Frankly, that made it even more real.

  13. Adam dies

    We get that "Degrassi" was trying to make a point about texting and driving, but did they really have to kill off their first and only transgender character?

  14. Manny's abortion

    This episode was so controversial that it aired in the U.S. two whole years after it aired in Canada. After having unprotected sex with Craig, Manny, at 14, found out she was pregnant. She made the decision to have an abortion, which did not sit well with her uber religious parents.

  15. Paige's rape and the emotional fallout

    In its second season, "Degrassi" aired "Shout," a moving two-part episode in which Paige gets raped at a high school party. The scene was haunting -- Paige, confused, scared and crying -- and its aftermath, powerful. The story line stayed with her through seasons two, three and four.

  16. Jimmy gets shot

    The entire school shooting episode, titled "Time Stands Still," is probably the best episode of the entire series. The image of Rick pulling the trigger and Jimmy trying to run away is still haunting -- and it's one that we (and most likely, Drake) won't ever forget. When Sean wrestled Rick for the gun, we reached peek emotional breakdown.

  17. J.T. dies