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Meek Mill's Fans Are So Tired Of Waiting, They're Making Their Own Drake Disses

These fans have Meek's back.

Meek Mill fans have decided to take matters in their own hands.

In case you're keeping score at home, Drake's dropped two dis songs since Meek Mill waged war on him with ghost writing allegations. And Mill, well, he's released none so far.

We were allegedly going to receive a Meek track earlier this week, but we never got it. Despite that pump fake, listeners have been super anxious, anticipating a bar, a verse or a song from the Philly MC about his T. Dot rival. But so far, we've only received cryptic tweets like this one:

Well, it seems some fans have gotten so tired of waiting for Meek to respond that they decided to dis Drake themselves. Here's a look at how they're making Meek's feud their own:

What do you think of the disses? Do you feel like Meek Mill should respond? Let us know in the comments.