William Hereford

Jacob Whitesides Just Received The 'Best News’ Ever

His mom is cancer free! #CONGRATSMAMAWHITESIDES

Jacob Whitesides woke up this morning and received the "best news." His mom, Becky, is cancer free!

Jacob shared the exciting news with his fans on Twitter, thanking them for their overwhelming support throughout the process.

Jacob's mom, who has been battling breast cancer, was equally as excited to let everyone know that her "tatas are Cancer free!!"

Becky told her Twitter followers that while she still has to undergo radiation and surgery, being cancer free will make everything "much easier."

And fans and friends couldn't be more thrilled for Jacob and his family. His girlfriend, Bea Miller, couldn't contain her joy, telling everyone on her bus the good news and calling it the "happiest day ever."

Fans flooded Twitter with well-wishes, trending the hashtag #CONGRATSMAMAWHITESIDES and telling Becky just how proud they were for winning her fight.

They also commended her for how strong she's been throughout this whole process.

And that she showed cancer who is "boss."