Only The Good Die Young: (SPOILER) May Have Just Become 'Scream''s Latest Fatality

Who got knifed this time?

Only the good die young, indeed.

High school jock Will has certainly had moments of deception -- he secretly shagged romanced Nina, he slept with Emma on a bet and, oh yeah, he was part of a blackmail ring -- but on tonight's episode of "Scream," he did his very best to repent for his biggest sin. And, in the end, it may have cost him his life.

After regretting the decision to extort Mayor Maddox yet again -- hell, Jake had practically forced him to do it -- the b-ball star summoned Brooke's dad to a darkened warehouse and did something totally unexpected: He gave everything back.

"This is all the money you've paid so far, and the last existing copy of the video," he said, handing him a pile of cash and the clip that shows the Mayor just maaaay have killed his wife. "I give you my word. I don't have much else right now, but I have that."

When the d-bag unscrupulous politician began to reach for a gun he'd oh-so-conveniently brought along, Will made one last plea: "I did a lot of things I'm sorry for in the past year. I really don't want to die for doing the right thing."

And with that, the Mayor left -- but not before warning Will to never discuss their transaction and adding ominously, "Remember: There's a killer on the loose."

Umm, okay.

So, as he said himself, Will had finally done the right thing. And where did it get him? In a pool of his own blood: Only seconds after Mayor Maddox exited, the masked slasher appeared and, in a heartstopping scene, stabbed Will in the chest, plunged a knife into the teen's leg and dragged him off into the darkness. (Piper, who'd arrived in an effort to get the scoop for her podcast, suffered a wack in the head when she was pushed to the ground.)

The vicious attack proved the killer may just have a thirst for good guys. Sure, Nina was the Regina George of Lakewood High -- although her demise was way worse than what happened to the Plastics' HBIC -- but each of the other victims weren't half bad. Rachel was shy, sweet and soft-spoken. And Tyler? We don't know much about him -- hell, he died within the premiere's first eight minutes -- but we'd bet the rent he was just a big dumb jock who got lured into Nina's web of "Mean Girls" shenanigans. Then there's Riley, who was so innocent and trusting that it led to her untimely death. And now, Will -- a young man who learned from his past mistakes and did his best to atone for them -- has become the killer's latest victim.

Or has he?

When we last saw Emma's former beau, he was kicking and screaming as the slasher pulled him into the shadows. Key words: kicking and screaming. Perhaps if he kicks a little harder, maybe, just maybe, he'll escape from the killer's clutches.

So what do you think? Can Will manage to make a run for it, or he is doomed to become victim number five? And what do you make of Mayor Maddox's creepy comment? Could he have something to do with the serial killer? Tell us all your theories in the comments, then get ready to "Scream" again Tuesday at 10/9c!