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Spy Camp, Explosives Camp And 9 Other Summer Camps You Can Actually Go To

Three words: Luxury summer camp.

Modern summer camps offer way more activities than just ropes courses, canoeing and singing "Kumbaya" around a campfire. These days, attendees can learn how to hack, care for cows and they can even spend 14 whole days riding a thoroughbred through St. Petersburg, Russia.

It’s pretty great to be a kid these days, but if you're well into adulthood, don't worry – there's a camp or two for you, too.

  1. Circus Camp

    If you've ever dreamt of being part of that circus life, you could start by going to Long Lake Camp For The Arts in upstate New York. Long Lake offers courses on juggling, contortion, trapeze and even high wire walking. Unfortunately, there's no lion taming, but that's probably for the best.

  2. Shark Camp

    For those who are brave at heart, you can pack your bags and head to Fiji for shark camp, where the Fiji Shark Studies and Scuba Diving Summer Program allows you to actually swim with the sharks.

    You'll personally meet and study three types of sharks: silvertip, black tip and nurse sharks. If that doesn't sound thrilling enough, you'll also spend a couple days on a volcanic island. Considering this camp lasts a full month and is super duper cool, it's worth the cost at a little over $6,000.

  3. Luxury Summer Camp

    Some children of the wealthy don’t have to deal with certain things, like socializing with anyone that isn't in their parents' tax bracket.

    Raquette Lake in upstate New York has been functioning for over 100 years and is known as "the Ivy League of summer camps." The camp offers such amenities as clay tennis courts, sailing and luxury bathrooms in every cabin. Girls with their own horses can bring them along to camp, and boys can look forward to having fields for pretty much any sport they could ever want to play. Boy and girl campers can also look forward to learning tennis from professional-level tennis pros.

    Wondering how much it costs? Well, in 2012 the camp cost $10,750 ... as to why there's no price on the website now, they must have figured that if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

  4. Cow Competition Camp

    Everyone: There's a camp all about cows and it sounds excellent. Spend part of your summer at Bull City Farm and you’ll be getting to know your own individual cow where you'll milk, feed and show it off at a dairy show with family and friends at the end of the two-week-long camp. Cute!

  5. Farm Animal Camp

    If you're not only into cows but every living thing Old MacDonald has on his farm, there’s a camp for you as well. Champoeg Creamery in Oregon lets kids spend a week feeding baby cows, riding horses, hanging with pigs in mud and milking cows to make your own yogurt, cheese and butter from scratch.

  6. Russian Horse Camp

    The Equestrian Teen Tour of Russia is a camp that may be a horse-lover’s dream -- especially ones who have always wanted to go to Russia. For a week, a small group of riders assemble in Moscow and stay at a luxury resort called Morozovka. The mansion's accommodations include stables, an indoor riding ring and a private lake. And just to mention, Morozovka was also once owned by Joseph Stalin. Fun!

    This week could be yours for the extremely reasonable price of $13,500.

  7. Explosives Camp

    If horses aren’t your thing, maybe explosives are. Listed on their website as “the first and only camp of it’s kind” the Missouri University of Science and Technology offers a seven-day camp where you can … well … blow things up.

    The camp offers demonstrations and lectures on the handling of explosives, and the entire camp is comprised of learning pyrotechnics, rock blasting and more. If this is alarming, don’t worry: Each applicant must be 16 years or older and is screened thoroughly.

  8. Digital Detox Camp

    Camp Grounded is a summer camp for adults that's all about joining other technology addicts for an “off-the-grid weekend of pure unadulterated fun in the redwoods.” That means no phones, computers, email and even no clocks. Commune with nature. You know you want to.

  9. Hollywood Stunt Camp

    Have you ever wanted to become an action hero? Then you’d be a perfect candidate for Hollywood stunt camp. Pali Adventures in southern California offers 2-4 week stunt person camp that offers a range of different activities like swordplay, parkour and how to jump off a building — into a safety mat, of course.

  10. Spy Camp

    If you’ve ever imagined yourself in James Bond’s shoes, Pali Adventures also offers a slight twist on Stunt camp: Secret Agent camp. In addition to “spy games” one of the nights involves a “secret overnight mission” that includes a nighttime game of laser tag.

  11. Adult Summer Camp

    If you're older and think your summer camp days are well behind you, Camp No Counselors in upstate New York disagrees. This camp is catered to the whims of adults and offers throwback activities like tug of war, canoeing, and yes, "Kumbaya" around a fire. And if you're wondering if there's alcohol, the answer is an enthusiastic yes.