Shawn Mendes Will Probably Die -- On 'The 100'

He's gonna need some, you know, "Stitches."

There are two things that MTV News has been absolutely flipping out over throughout this past year: Artist To Watch Shawn Mendes, and The CW's sci-fi thriller "The 100," which we've alternately called "the bravest show on TV" and "the only show you need to binge watch."

So just imagine -- imagine! -- our delight when we learned that not only does Mendes feel the same way we do about the show, but he loves it so much that exec producer Jason Rothenberg wrote a role for him in the upcoming season three season premiere.

"I'm so excited to take a step into acting,” Mendes said in a release. “It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and can't wait for everyone to see my first role in ‘The 100.'"

This all started when Mendes tweeted at "The 100" writers earlier this year, and since the 16-year-old is an Internet sensation, the show quickly made it happen. Which we are super amped about, but let's be honest -- his time on the series might be even shorter than your standard Vine, since Grounders, Sky People, and Reapers are all highly lethal killers and this show has no problem killing off teenagers. Either way, we won't find out until 2016 due to "The 100"'s midseason launch, so let's just rewatch this over and over and over 'til it's back: