This Woman’s Beatboxing Skills Give Cara Delevingne A Run For Her Money

Cara and Kaila should start a band.

Kaila Mullady is the current America Vice Beatbox Champion, three-time reigning Beatrhyme Champion and 2015 World Beatbox Champion. Once you hear the New York-based musician, you'll understand why she has all of those awards.

In Mullady's performance for the YouTube channel Swissbeatbox, you can see beatboxing is second nature to her. In the clip below, she sings and accompanies herself as her own snare, kick and hi-hat -- and there's a dub drop in there too. Take a look.

Mullady also tours the country performing, teaching workshops promoting reading, writing and finding your own soul through music, according to her website.

For more of Kaila Mullady's music, check out her YouTube page.