Watch This 13-Year-Old Programmer Blow 4,000 People Away With Her Incredible Speech

She's got a bright future.

For 13-year-old Keila Banks, technology is second nature. So is the fact that people look at her in a certain light before they get to know her. That's why OSCON (the Open Source Conference) asked Banks to speak in a keynote that blew 4,000 attendees away.

Banks' talk, called "Undefinable Me: The Story of a 13-Year-Old Girl From the Inner City Who Codes" focused on the fact that when people first look at her -- or anyone for that matter -- they look at the superficial.

"So, this is what society perceives me as," Banks begins as a picture of her appears on screen. "Some common labels to the naked eye which you think about me: I'm black, I'm a girl, I live in inner city Los Angeles and I'm 13. There's also a lot of negative labels that come with that. Like, I might be 'sassy' or I might be 'uneducated.'"

What Banks does in the remaining eight minutes of her speech is prove just how wrong initial perceptions can be. Not only has she been coding since she was 9 years old, but she taught herself. She also builds computers and repairs iPods for fun.

See the entire speech from this truly impressive girl below.