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Serayah's 'Ready' For Action In Taylor Swift's New 'Bad Blood' Set Video

The only Dilemma here is that now we want to punch some walls too.

Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video is the gift that keeps on giving.

Earlier today, the Swiftster celebrated her continued reign as the queen of pop radio with a behind-the-scenes look at Lily Aldridge playing in faux snow as Frostbyte, and now another great sneak peek at the making of her action- and star-packed music vid. This time, the femme fatale in question in Serayah McNeill, who gave the wall a taste of her fist as Dilemma.

"We are in a locker room," explained the "Empire" star, who rocked two different bombshell get-ups for the shoot. "I punched through a wall and then Taylor came through, and it's going to be amazing. So, I'm ready."

Serayah was probably pretty fresh on Swift's mind when she chose her for the next behind-the-scenes reveal because the multi-talented 20-year-old had joined her on the stage for the Chicago, Illinois stop on her 1989 World Tour less than two weeks ago, performing "Style" with Swift on the Soldier Field stage.

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Not to mention, she was one of the star-spangled guests at Tay's epic Fourth of July bash, even getting in some of that unicorn floaty action that tends to go down in Casa de Swift.

Serayah told Billboard that her initial involvement with the "Bad Blood" squad came by way of a management-to-management pitch, but when she heard about it she had no dilemma about joining up for all the on-screen slaying.

"I completely loved it and so we went from there," said Serayah. "It seemed like [from] the ideas for it and the treatment for the video, I was just like 'Oh, my gosh! This is so dope. I can't wait.'"

And the rest is music video history.