Shawn Mendes And Hailee Steinfeld Will Leave You In ‘Stitches’ After This Acoustic Performance

This is the best thing you will hear all day.

Here is a collaboration I wasn't expecting, but I'm so glad it happened.

Shawn Mendes surprised fans on Tuesday (July 28) by dropping an acoustic version of "Stitches," and he had a little help from Hailee Stenfeld.

That's right -- the "Pitch Perfect 2" star lent her vocals to Shawn's track, as they trade verses and come together in perfect harmony throughout the song. Can I request these two do a side project ASAP?

Shawn told us that he wanted to create an acoustic version of his latest single for the fans, and there was no one better to collaborate with than Hailee.

"I wanted to make a slightly different and acoustic version of 'Stitches' for the fans to thank them for all of their support, and thought Hailee would be the perfect fit for a duet," Shawn told us. "So when we were both in New York, we got in the studio and this awesome video came out of the session."

Awesome may just be an understatement. It's AH-MAZING.

Also, if you like what you hear from Hailee -- and why wouldn't you? She sounds like a dream -- then you're in luck. She's releasing her debut single, “Love Myself” on August 7.