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Adam Lambert's First Time Shaving Is All Of Our First Time Shaving: Watch

There are certain adolescent milestones that you'll never forget, like your first day of high school or your first time behind the wheel of a car. There are other experiences, though, that may seem more minor but are equally as memorable—the first time you shaved, or the first time you dyed your hair, for example.

Because they really are just like us, celebrities also have these memorable (and sometimes regrettable) experiences. Fortunately, they're sharing them with us in MTV News' brand new series, My First Time.

Kicking things off for us is Adam Lambert, who describes the first time he shaved his face, even though he didn't, y'know, really need to. Thankfully, it grew back and into the perfectly trimmed beard he has now.

Watch Adam's clip above and stay tuned for more from My First Time.