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Jaden Smith Gets Dark And Mystical In New ‘Scarface’ Video: Watch

J dodges shadows and stands up against the government in this Moises Arias-directed clip.

Jaden Smith clearly isn’t the kind of artist who’s all that interested in big promotional rollouts and gimmicks. So for his latest video for “Scarface,” the enigmatic teen opted for a low-key approach, quietly dropping the clip on his website, 490tx.

The eerie yet stylish vid was shot in Matera, Italy, and directed by Jaden’s pal Moises Arias (who you might remember as the obnoxious mini entrepreneur Rico on “Hannah Montana”). As J raps over a teetering flow about the future, the past, Lex Luthor and Bruce Lee, cloaked figures zip around and the color subtly oscillates in and out.

The whole clip is cryptic, mystical, and ultimately ends on a jarring note: Jaden repeats “the government will not be killing me, no/The government will not be” — and then one shadow shoots another, and he vanishes from view.

Say what you will about the ambitious teen, but one thing’s for sure: when the self-proclaimed "MSFT" raps about all music sounding “so the same,” he’s clearly doing his part to stand stand the f--k out.