Here's What Fans Want To Happen To Wolverine In His Last Stand

Hugh Jackman asked, and the internet answered.

Hugh Jackman will be flashing those finger knives for one last "Wolverine"-centric pic -- "The Wolverine" director James Mangold will return for the 2017-slated film -- and he's asked the internet what his long-lasting clawed counterpart should be doing for his final turn on the big screen.

On Twitter, Jackman shared a pic of himself as the long-suffering Logan, writing "My last time putting on the claws. What do you want to see happen? 50 words or less. I'll read as many as I can."

There were some trends in the answers, for sure, but there are a lot of different directions Jackman & Co. can go for the final show. And the responses should certainly serve to inspire a few fresh ideas -- and to illuminate a few of the must-haves for Wolverine's last movie.

For example, this fan really wants him to lick the claws so it can be an eternal GIF.

The internet (us included) will be forever grateful.

And this one just wants to see Wolverine *finally* wear the yellow suit and mask.

Note: This is a verrrrrrrry popular opinion right now.

This gal wants to watch Logan reveal his culinary skills.

He’s just gotta have good knife skills, right?

Meanwhile, this person wants to see him duke it out with The Hulk.

Smash and slash. We like this idea already.

Anyone else want an ‘X-Men’ musical? We know Hugh Jackman’s got the pipes for it.

It’d be a powerful show, that’s for sure.

Zack Ryder pitched in with an offering for another team-up.

Years ago, Hugh Jackman got in the ring and tried his hand at wrestling, and now the WWE star wants a second round. We approve.

This guy’s bummed Wolverine won’t become part of ‘The Avengers.’


Also? A lot of people are interested in a “Deadpool” crossover.

R-Rated is thus a must.

There are those who want to see Omega Red come and bad up the place.

Be afraid, Wolverine. Be very afraid.

This person has some pretty specific ideas for Wolverine’s last stand.

Someone important is probably jotting this down right now.

And here’s a request for some real Logan feels.

Although he better retract before he starts wiping any tears is all we’re saying.

This one just wants to see the romantic side of Mr. Howlett.

This could be interesting.