26 Tatted Up Disney Princess Pics That'll Take You To A Whole New World

A new fantastic point of view.

When we first met them, most of Disney's Princesses were far too young to hit the local tattoo parlours and ink up without some parental consent. And since a lot of their moms were already six feet under by then and their fathers were busy dealing with murderous, power-hungry and otherwise sociopathic second wives, there wasn't much time for them to chaperone, either.

But the Disney lovers of Instagram have made it so and imagined the Daughters of the House of Mouse with tats, and the results are bad to the bone.

You'll probably notice that one Disney Princess arrived as the far and away favorite for tattooed re-imagination (Hint: She has/had a fin).

  1. First, we have Ariel, Snow White and Alice rocking the full-body art as a trio of pin-up girls.

    Notice that they needed little to no hairstyle re-tooling for this.

  2. Next, here's Jasmine with some scattered artwork to reflect her many passions.

    We see you there, Raja.

  3. Of course Alice would be the one to go all-in with the pink hair and dual sleeves.

    As vivid as her imagination is, YES.

  4. And it looks like Pocahontas would fit right in with the Kardashians here.

    Nice dreamcatcher, Poc.

  5. Ariel is a sailor-themed dream here.

    We love it that Scuttle got a wink there with the seagull tat mid-chest.

  6. And her full back design here definitely makes her part of that world.

    Whosits and whatsits galore.

  7. Jaz's full-back tribute to Raja is also pretty fierce.


  8. We also like the idea of Jasmine having clunky Chanel earrings to solidify her style.

    And we kind of want that rad design on her left arm yesterday.

  9. Cinderella's tribute to Godmother is salagadoola mechicka boola.


  10. Flounder, Sebastian and Eric get some love from this Ariel design.

    And whiskey, which she probably tried to drink with a fork.

  11. Hipster Snow White is everything.

    And we think the ice blue lipstick is pretty appropriate, considering.

  12. This "Snow White"-"Book of Life" crossover design is pretty sick, too.

    BTW, we know it's poisonous and all, but that apple looks delish.

  13. Elsa is still a QUEEN with this hot back tat.

    And the snowflake cheek design? Brilliant.

  14. Mulan is pure punk perfection.

    That Mu-Shu shoulder tat is straight fiyah.

  15. Alice's body is the real wonderland with these awesome additions.

    The roses. We want.

  16. Pin-up style Pocahontas? Sure.

    The arm band was a given but the compass was an inspired choice.

  17. Tinkerbell is a manic pixie dream girl.

    It's been right there all along, all you had to do was believe.

  18. Oh, hayyyy green-haired Rapunzel!

    She matches Pascal now.

  19. With a few key tats, the Ariel and Eric romance just got a lot hotter.

    And we see what she did there with the dolphin on the right thigh. Good call.

  20. Snow White as a masked revolutionary? Didn't see that coming.

    Maybe she isn't the fairest of them all.

  21. Here, Ariel got mashed up with "The Odyssey," and it makes total sense.

    Who could resist?

  22. Meanwhile Belle's Beast tribute is a thing of beauty.

    Gaston wishes.

  23. Ariel with a half-sleeve devoted to her sea critter friends makes us wanna kiss the girl.

    Sha-la-la-la-la-la ...

  24. Annnnnd here's another Alice loves whiskey interpretation (with badass boots).


  25. Even Minnie Mouse got a little ink-happy for the occasion.

    She's the original Disney Princess, yeah?

  26. Finally, we know he's not technically a princess, but here's Aladdin's mugshot because this exists, and we felt like you should know about it.