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Kendall Jenner Wreaks Havoc On The Set Of Her New Estee Lauder Commercial

There's some serious sorcery happening in her latest Estée Lauder ad.

Ever since Kendall Jenner was announced as the face of Estée Lauder last fall, no two ads have been the same. She went super serious for her first black and white lash commercial, futuristic and fun for her Courrèges collab, and then super daring for her first fragrance spot.

Today, she dropped yet another ad for the beauty brand—this time for their Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion—and well, it's certainly more spellbinding than the rest.

In the commercial, Kendall is being shot in Estée Lauder's latest red shade, but every time the photographer tries to take a serious picture, a silly selfie of Kendall somehow appears on the monitor. Eventually, he gives up, and at the end, we see Kendall taking a selfie and one of the serious photos appearing in its place. A coy smile indicates this girl either has a serious way with technology or that her lips truly are ~magic~.

Either way, we're happy to see Kendall pull out some true teenage sass because, hey, she's still just a 19-year-old girl after all.