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Chris Hemsworth Is Actually A Repulsive Alien, According To The Cast Of 'Vacation'


With reporting by Nicole Pajer

It's a question that's plagued us all for years: what, exactly, is Chris Hemsworth?

He's just too perfect to have been born like the rest of us humans, right? We know that the cast of "Vacation" agrees with us, because we asked them.

"I think he was made in a laboratory," co-star Ed Helms theorized in a chat with MTV News. "He's like a terminator. He's genetically perfect."

Christina Applegate confided her own hypothesis.

"I swear to God after this movie is over, he's going to be like bwahhhh," she screeched. "He'll be a f--king alien and go back to its mothership, it's not real."

Director Jonathan M. Goldstein revealed the real truth: "He's actually repulsive in person."

What do you think? Alien? Golden god? Robot? Or just plain 'ol Chris Hemsworth?

"Vacation" hits theaters July 29, 2015.