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Madonna Reveals Tidal Isn't Perfect -- But They're 'Working Out' The Kinks

The streaming service needs some time to grow, she says.

The latest Tidal wave has just broken -- and it's all thanks to Madonna.

After its late-March launch was met with real confusion as well as legitimate excitement, the music-streaming service hasn't been the focus of much discussion (save for some management change-ups). The explosive arrival of Apple Music might've had something to do with it, but who can really say? Just spitballing here.

That's perhaps why Madonna recently told the AP that the service -- which has the celebrity backing of her, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Rihanna, Jack White, Arcade Fire and others -- just needs more time to find its footing.

"It's just the beginning, so we're working out a lot of kinks and hopefully we're going to build something unique and amazing that's going to attract a lot of people," she said in the interview.

In an increasingly competitive streaming field, however, it might prove to be difficult to ask users for time when gigantic competitors like Spotify and Apple Music remain fully loaded at the front lines of the streaming game. Still, Madonna said Tidal is a passion project, and that matters.

"It's important that people understand we didn't create Tidal, we didn't put this together, we didn't all join forces because we're broke and we want more money," she said. "The idea is we want to support other artists and we want people to understand this is our heart, this is our work, and we want people to recognize that and we want other artists to have a chance."

Besides, Madonna said, hard work requires compensation: "We live in a society now where everybody just expects everything to be for free, but you don't get a house for free; you have to pay somebody to build it."

Then again, the best things are life are free. Right, Yeezy?