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Snoop Dogg Documented His Arrest In Sweden On Instagram And It's Wild

The rapper cites "racial profiling" and vows never to return to the country.

Early this morning, Snoop Dogg posted the first of what's now a string of Instagram videos detailing his arrest in Sweden.

In the first video, Snoop is amid a chaotic scene where he says, "We're getting sweated by the police right now," while panning over to an officer.

A few hours later, another video shows Snoop in the back of a police car. "Pulled a n--a over for nothin'," he says. "Taking us to the station where I gotta go pee in a cup for nothin'. I ain't did nothin', all I did was came in this country and did a concert and now I gotta go to the police station. For nothin'!"

Snoop followed the video up with a photo of himself on stage with a caption that began, "2 all my sweden fans U can blame YA police dept for never seeing me again in your beautiful country," he wrote.

He underscored the message in yet another video, apologizing to Swedish fans and saying, "I'll never be back to this country, y'all can thank y'all police chief and all the people that run y'all police department."

Once at the police station, Snoop continued his documentation, narrating another video with his observations that this is, "racial profiling" and that they "came and snatched me out of my car."

Fans and family members were understandably concerned, so Snoop posted one more video assuring everyone he "made it through" and that the Swedish police "made me pee in a cup, didn't find s--t, no case, no nothin'." He then went on to paraphrase Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan by saying, "It's better to be searched and not found with nothin' than not to be searched at all."

Particulars of the incident are still trickling in, but Snoop's videos will almost certainly prove instrumental in detailing the case. We'll be following the story, so stay right here for developments.