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John Stamos' Sideburns Are Back On The 'Fuller House' Set: See The Photos

Have mercy!

The "Fuller House" cast has already delighted us with multiple shots of the show's script, but since then we've been all, "MOAR PLEASE" so, naturally, John Stamos was like, "You got it, dude!" You were always our favorite, Uncle Jesse.

Stamos – fresh out of rehab for substance abuse – is clearly wasting no time getting right back to business, from the looks of this Instagram image.

"Same sideburns, different decade," Stamos wrote. (Psst: John, maybe upload a video of your Elvis impression next? We're guessing it's only gotten better with time!) He also announced via Twitter that he's on Snapchat...

...and proceeded to make good on his word by posting two behind-the-scenes photos from the set.


Clearly, Dave Coulier's Joey Gladstone hat still fits like a glove. Now please excuse us while we go feel ALL OF THE NOSTALGIA.